I provide individual therapy to adults...

You deserve a therapist you feel at ease with. Growth occurs when we feel safe and connected in our relationships, including the therapeutic one. A good therapist/client fit is critical to a positive therapy experience. My hope is that we develop a warm, trusting relationship so that you feel comfortable to explore all you need in therapy.

My work is guided by a deep appreciation of the uniqueness of my clients. I am concerned with getting to know you as a human being and making sense of how your experiences have brought you to this point. I help people become curious about their inner world, develop greater self-awareness and self-compassion, feel more grounded and experience newfound meaning and satisfaction in life. 

My approach is person-centered, trauma-informed, and mindfulness-based. I have great respect for every person I work with. You can expect acceptance and open communication in every session with me. 

I work with people struggling with mental health, those wanting to establish self-care & balance, as well as LGBTQ+ individuals.
Please contact me if you feel we would be a good fit. 


Mental health 

People seek counseling for a number of reasons. It might be a sense of sadness or anxiety that won't go away. One may feel a lack of direction in life. There might be hurt or confusion from the past that's led to a lack of self-confidence, difficulty trusting others, etc. No matter what you are dealing with, healing is possible.

self-care & Balance 

Perhaps you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Maybe you are struggling with burnout, or you've been described as a "people pleaser". You often find yourself in a caretaker role and rarely put your needs first. Is it fear & anxiety relating to a loved one's addiction keeping you up at night? Therapy offers you the opportunity to restore balance in your life--in mind, body and spirit.


I am committed to working with and advocating for LGBTQ+ individuals. Whether you are exploring your sexual orientation, coming out to family, or you are transgender and considering social and/or medical transition, I can provide support.