Self-Care & Balance  

Do you find yourself over-worked, over-scheduled, & feeling pulled in a million different directions? Is it difficult for you to say no? Do you seek the approval of others, looking outside of yourself for validation? Is it easy for you to discount your feelings and neglect your needs?

When you are so used to taking care of others and this go-go-go sort of lifestyle, it can really be a challenge to slow down and practice "self-care". And yet, self-care is vitally important to our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health. 

Codependency has been defined as "an overreaction to things (people, etc.) outside of you and an under-reaction to things (feelings, etc.) inside of you." What happens is we become disconnected from ourselves. We find that we are running on "empty" a lot of the time. We don't know what we want, feel, or need anymore. 

I can assist you in restoring balance in your life, defining your personal boundaries, realizing your self-worth and prioritizing your needs.

You may not be able to remember the last time someone asked you, "How are you?" and waited for your answer. In therapy, I will encourage you to feel & express your emotions & even "fall apart" if needed. Therapy may be the only place in your life where you don't have to "keep it together". 

Patterns of codependency can be unlearned. Turning the focus onto yourself and letting go of that which you cannot control can make all the difference. More on that here